I Am Womb Bird.

I am here to invite you to weave, intersect,
and dance the path of healing into your life.

Walk with me into the dream pool of night,
Cross over the thin veils of consciousness,
and press your ear and your heart  to Gaia herself.

Open yourself to your sacred task.
Offer yourself to this intimate vision.

Evoke the possible.


Last fall I received a vision in the desert that has been shaping the direction of my life in ways I never would have imagined.

"You are Womb Bird. You are here to heal the womb of the world. Your work here is to heal your own womb and to invite that healing into the lives of those who cross, weave, intersect or dance with you on your path."

Womb Bird is the one of me who is dreaming with the earth herself.

Womb Bird calls me to embody my shape fully–– complete with wings stretched from one end of my life to the other.

Womb Bird is holding a vision for the planet and for humanity that gives flight to the possible and soars to the greatest heights of the imagination.

Womb Bird is the biggest dream I can live into my life right here and right now, at this moment on the planet.

I am called to connect… In everything I do, I seek, desire and thirst for connection. Womb Bird was burning a hole in my soul and as I began this wild courtship with my vision,  I felt called to connect with women in my community who were weaving sacred tapestries with their own unique gifts and offerings. I called on my sisters who were sharing their own flavor of healing and raising consciousness through music, movement, art, dance, activism, theatre, cacao, design, midwifery, and more. I felt the need to share with them this vision I received and the seed that was planted and taking root deep in my womb. I felt completely and totally led to reach out to these women, to lift up their work in the community and the world. Many of these women are your guides for this event should you feel called to participate in this gathering.


- Jess Durivage "Womb Bird", June 2018


What this weekend is:

It's a safe space. It's a space for radical inclusion, thoughts, opinions and ideas. It's a space for creative self-expression. It's a sacred container that requires our participation, communal effort and desire for immediacy. We come together to overcome the barriers that stand between us and the recognition of our inner-selves.  It's an intimate vehicle to re-connect with the deep feminine through community, creativity, authenticity and honest reflection. It’s a space where we all come together, in circle to learn, connect, share, see one another and be seen.


What this weekend is not:

It is not a business model or even a business, a brand, a way to scale or a means to gain followers and likes or engagement on social media. It’s not to become more spiritual or enlightened.  It’s not a hierarchy of teacher vs student. 


What are we up to with this work:

All of us have unique gifts that the planet needs now. There is a sense of urgency in all climates - social, environmental, political and more that's calling... no, rather, crying out for change. It is my belief that what we are witnessing is a rise of the feminine and a healing of both the wounded feminine and masculine in our culture. This weekend stands to honor the threshold where we, as human beings on this planet, stand at right now. This is the great work of our time and in order to go out into the world and answer Her call, we must be willing to heal, whole and ensoul our own individual experience.


influences, teachers, visionaries:

Right now, in tis very moment, there is a movement happening to support the rise of the feminine, the healing of both the wounded feminine and masculine and the dismantling of the patriarchy. Just a few of our personal influences guiding our work this weekend are: Laura Larriva Page, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Alexandra Pope, Rochelle Schieck, Ana Forrest, Nicole Clark, Ame Wren, Augusto Boal and bell hooks.