The Universe Inside

The last frontier yet to be explored is the inner landscapes of you. The deep depths of your darkest corners, the highest heights, the lush gardens of possibility, the rivers of becoming and the oceans of being.

In our searching for answers, in our seeking connection, in our desire to mine for the gold that are our gifts and bring them to the surface— what would all of this “self-development” be for if not to heal our lives, and heal the planet.

We live in interesting times. There are those that seem to be going on as they have always gone on, as their parents and their grandparents went on. And there are those that are looking for others to give them the answers, a victim of circumstance waiting to be saved. There are those that are so desperately flung into the flames of change but they’ve all but dried up their own resources inside. You need to be made of oil to be able to sit in the fire and survive. There are those that will do anything to keep the structures just as they are, as if they are trying to preserve or embalm themselves and their systems while still living. And, there are more, so many more unique expressions of this very moment… humans living out the drama of the times.

What if we could learn to be both actor and observer. What if all of the characters that we see around us actually lived within us as well? The ignorant one, the victim, the savior, the preserver. What if we were all of these characters and more all at once?

What if there was one of us still yet to emerge from perhaps the deep wells of wisdom within? What if there were ones of us who know how to soar high above it all to keep our perspective grand and large? What if there were a belly-shaking, earth loving, ground-stomping warrior/warrioress inside? What if there was one of you who could tend to your every need, and show you the way to unconditional love?

There is a universe inside that awaits the return of the King or Queen that is you to come home to your body, to navigate the yet unexplored terrains of a galaxy that is you.

So what? You might ask. So what? My mentor Laura Larriva Page asks us. So what? So what if we continue this inward exploration. This, perhaps alternate path of making our way to soul. Is it not but another form of navel gazing? The character on the stage who remains frozen by his or her obsession with their own possibilities and limitations yet never actually “acts” upon them in their communities and in the world?

“You are not a passive observer in the cosmos. The entire universe is expressing itself through you at this very moment.”

- Jean Houston

(So What) is all this work for if not for you to gather up the numina of our own inner discoveries and not only bring them to the surface of our lives, but to also bring them to the very threshold of consciousness itself, to the very edge of humanity and offer them there.

(So What) is all of the wishing and desire-mapping and yoga-ing and meditating for if we are not able to feel and lean into the not only dreaming of the earth but to be fully awake and in action.

(So What) are the next steps? Gosh, I wish I knew! (I know, not really what you thought you’d read at the end of this post… were you looking for answers?) For every person that very next step might look and feel different based on the different tensions and complexities of simply being here in a human body.

What I can offer is this: Take up the journey of a lifetime. The journey to soul and back out. And commit to doing it again and again and again. And, do it because you know that the gifts you carry are exactly what is needed to not only heal your own life, but also the planet.

Declare yourself and explorer of the universe that lives inside of you. Fashion yourself an amazing spacecraft of discovery. Be curious. Be fearless. Be tender. Be loving.

And, come back. Oh, please! Come back out. We need you. We so desperately need the very thing that you have.


Evoke the Possible Women’s Weekend: Sponsorship Information

Evoke the Possible Women’s Weekend, January 25th - 27th 2019 seeks to bring together women in our community from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

This type of work and experience should be accessible to all women, but in reality, oftentimes it is not due to time, resources & financial means. We need your support so that we may extend this opportunity to those women on the front lines of tending as care-givers, support persons, volunteers, passion-seekers, community organizers. 

The invitation is to intentionally experience a weekend-long immersion, guided by several of our area's teachers, leaders, activists, artists, healers and change-makers to remember our power & passion, to call up our necessary forms of self-care and to awaken into what it truly means to be human, a co-creator and a woman at this very moment in time, right now. 

To do this requires time and space to lean into the soul’s call so that we may nurture and cultivate ourselves, while accessing those creative & impactful tools so that we can then return back to our communities and purposefully share our gifts.

Apply for a scholarship.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor please email Amanda Masterpaul at

Jessica Durivage