Evoke Collective

Evoke Gatherings brings together a diverse group of women who are dedicated to their own growth, evolvement and using their gifts and voice at this important threshold in time. 

Your guides for the weekend are each a sacred space holder in her own right. Whether it's through cacao ceremony, feeling the wisdom of the body through yoga, dance, self-expression, social activism, deep rest or wild creativity - each woman has been called to this circle to create a container of welcome, safety and nurturing for wherever you are and whatever cycle you are in in your life at this time. 

Our guides have also been called because of their varying backgrounds, stages in life, life experiences and the unique gifts they can offer us at this time.

We also feel called to share that this container is not complete without you. This weekend is an experiment in sisterhood, ensouled leadership and the art of moving deeply within and then journeying back out into the world, together, more healed and whole than before we stepped in. 

It is with great excitement, pleasure and honor that we introduce you to your guides for the weekend. 


Reverend Cheryl Moore Adamson, M.Div.

Reverend Cheryl Moore Adamson was born in Hartsville, South Carolina on May 23, 1952 and grew up in Conway, where she graduated from high school in 1970. She attended the University of South Carolina, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 1974 and the University of Maryland at College Park where she earned a Masters’ Degree in Health Education in 1982.

Reverend Adamson recently completed her term as the Chairperson of the Board of the Baptist House of Studies at Duke Divinity School. She is the Executive Director of the Palmetto Works Community Development Corporation, the umbrella organization for Palmetto Kids! Music and Arts Academy, the Work-It-Out Leadership Academy, and CHOPS Produce & Community Cannery, a fruit & vegetable store serving a low-income community in a USDA certified food desert. She has served on the National Coordinating Council of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, on the board of the Waccamaw Community Foundation, and is a member of Class II of the Waccamaw American Leadership Forum.

Reverend Adamson preached her initial sermon on December 27, 1998 and was ordained on January 6, 2002. She graduated from Duke University School of Divinity with a Master of Divinity Degree on May 12, 2002. Reverend Adamson worked as chaplain with Mercy Hospice for three years and is the founding pastor of Palmetto Missionary Baptist Church of Conway, South Carolina, which began worshipping on Sunday, October 1, 2006. Reverend Adamson was privileged to deliver the inaugural sermon of the Sankofa Black Alumni Preaching Series at Duke Divinity School in February of 2014. She is the convener of the Women’s BeachWalk Retreat which will hold its 14th annual session March 14-16 , 2019 at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at the Grande Dunes. Reverend Adamson hosts Transformed by Truth, the weekly radio broadcast ministry of Palmetto Missionary Baptist Church on WPJS Radio, Gospel 1330 AM.  

Most recently, Reverend Adamson was recognized by Coastal Carolina University’s Campus & Community Research Collaborative for “collaborative initiatives supporting experiential learning.” She was honored by the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development (SCACED) with the Ike Williams Award for Civic Leadership for success in mobilizing and organizing at the neighborhood/community level in the areas of social justice, civil rights, and economic justice.

Reverend Adamson has been married for forty-two years to Dr. James W. Adamson and is the mother of daughter Mary and son Jamaal. Her parents are Mrs. Mary Moore and the late Reverend Covel C. Moore, Sr.



Caroline Brock

Caroline grew up in San Francisco and moved to the South 20 years ago. She’s been passionate about women’s health and spirituality since she hosted her first retreat at the age of 16. Caroline studied Health Promotion in college and was a Yoga instructor in the early 90’s, when no one quite knew what it was. She has a Masters in Public Administration and is finishing another Masters in Clinical Counseling.  She has taught religion at Coastal Carolina University, and writes regularly about religion and spirituality in magazines and national blogs.

Throughout her life, Caroline has been passionate about personal development and reaching higher states of consciousness and deeper states of embodied living. This passion bleeds into every part of her life. In the pursuit of opening up her own deep dramas within, Caroline went to Utah to try sand tray in 2012. She found it to be such a powerful tool for her own development that she decided to bring it to Myrtle Beach and guide others through the process. Caroline certified as a Sand Tray practitioner under Donna Nielson and has a studio overlooking the ocean called her “dreaming room” where she practices. It is here she is granted access into the hearts and minds of people of all ages as they play in the sand. It is here she stands as a witness, mirror, guide and healer. It is here, at the intersection of the conscious and subconscious, that Caroline likes to reside.

fin82 (1).jpg

Kimberly Dawn

Kimberly Dawn is a folk artist from Chattanooga. Although the roots of her art run deep through the soil of the southern Appalachian Mountains, it was the Lowcountry of South Carolina that ultimately defined her boho beach style.

Kimberly Dawn credits her early inspiration and surf style from the diverse southern community, the stunning beaches, and the colorful boardwalk culture of coastal Carolina. Today, she is inspired by her travels, her family, and the rich fabric of her life as Southern Folk artist.

Kim’s first mentor was the iconic Folk artist Howard Finster. She spent the next twenty years of her career traveling the folk art show circuit mentoring many younger artist along the way. Although, Kim’s prefered medium is painting, she loves exploring other mediums including sculpture, collage, and glasswork.

Kim now makes her home in Savannah, GA and incorporates the nostalgia and rich history of the city into her most recent work. Currently, her work can be found in galleries up and down the Southern Lowcountry from North Carolina to Savannah.

Look for Kimberly Dawn’s paintings in the Myrtle Beach area at Perrone’s, Collector’s Cafe, Muddy Waters, Sunset River Gallery, Roots Up Gallery and Carl Kerridge Photography.


Jo Ducey

Joanna (Jo) Ducey is a lifetime seeker of self-expression through movement and mind, body and spirit. In 2011, she trained in her hometown of Boston, MA to become a Certified Vinyasa teacher, and shortly after was captivated by the Forrest practice; travelling to England, she embarked on a month-long intensive with founder Ana Forrest to specialize her teaching skills in this deeply healing practice. Meanwhile, she received her Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and then her Thai Yoga Massage certificate in 2013. Jo moved to Myrtle Beach five years ago in order to heal by the ocean after losing her father, and in the hopes of bringing the transformative practice of Forrest Yoga to the community, starting anew and finding greater peace.

Life brought the combination of ultimate bliss in creating a family (boyfriend Mike and son, Quinton) and yoga tribe, and extensive health difficulties, when she discovered there was a mycobacterial infection in her lung. After a vigorous two-year healing process and medical regimen, she has turned that page and has never felt so grateful for this life. Through the blessings and tribulations during these years in particular, Jo gained a greater understanding of how crucial listening to the heart and souls’ callings are to being able to offer our gifts to the world.

At Yoga In Common, Jo is deeply honored to be able to offer 200-hour Teacher Trainings in addition to teaching weekly classes and Continuing Education workshops. Additionally, she recently rekindled her passion for language through becoming a French Adjunct Professor at Coastal Carolina University. Through her yoga teaching, Jo is dedicated to holding a sacred space in which students can come into themselves and feel, listen and heal, finding ease where there is struggle, softness in intensity, and in essence, connecting to a loving, more compassionate self.


Jessica Durivage "Womb Bird"

Womb Healer.Late Bloomer. Truth-Teller. Shape Shifter. Shame Slayer.

Jessica Durivage lives for connection. She's sought that connection in many different arenas over the last 20 years from massage therapy and yoga teaching to running a start-up business, hosting a podcast, working for corporate America, founding a non-profit, mentoring, speaking, writing, and consulting. She's traveled the world teaching, sharing and exploring the dynamics of connection.

Her passion to explore and connect with the emerging feminine in her own life is redefining a new threshold to which she is an apprentice to the Great Mystery which surrounds all of us. Life in this moment is sweet, simple and the only accolade that feels important to share is that she is learning to trust herself, the wisdom that lives in her body and her wise, wild and free essence.

Her humorous, relatable and nourishing approach to spiritual life, relationships, motherhood and the challenges we all face on the path are what draws students to her classes. Her writing has been featured in Elephant Journal, Medium, Mantra Yoga & Health, Origin Magazine, Rebelle Society, The Urban Howl, and Intent.com.

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Stevie Goggans

Stevie has been teaching and sharing in yoga, meditation, sacred circles and sacred ceremonies around the world for 6 years. Yoga was her first taste of a deeper, more meaningful reality at age 21. Since then, her journey has spiraled to greater depths and realizations of her heart’s calling as it continues to evolve; now, mostly to share in community, to connect heart to heart, to make everyday life, sacred.

Stevie studied in Peru last summer, receiving her 300-hr Yoga Training that was heavily devoted to Shamanism, the art of ceremony, and Bhakti Yoga (devotion to the divine, this life).  From there she came back to the states and Co-led a Cacao Ceremony Tour, taking Cacao ceremonies to 10 yoga studios in NC, SC and Georgia. The open, receiving hearts that she met on the road only deepened her realization that ceremony and community are wanted and needed everywhere.  

Stevie is so elated to share in this upcoming Women’s Weekend as it contains everything she loves including her Sisters facilitating and  Sisters attending. She will be holding sacred space with her Sister Facilitators as well co-facilitating the different ceremonies throughout the weekend. She will also be leading everyone through a Cacao Ceremony. Cacao is raw, unprocessed chocolate and when one drinks Cacao, it has a heart-opening effect where what needs to be released, revealed, expressed, breathed, can do so. It is a beautiful, soft journey of moving deeper into the heart. Every ceremony is unique depending on who is there and what they bring the circle, which makes it magical.

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Amanda Masterpaul

Amanda Masterpaul received her RYT 200 hour certification from Yoga in Common in 2012 under the instruction of Angel Grant. Amanda draws her inspiration from a deeper practice that challenges the union of mind, body and spirit. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies so they may honor their practice by moving in a non-linear fashion. She believes that movement has a purpose and grounds us to our deeper calling so we may live with organic connection, sensitivity and joy. She utilizes her work as a Teaching Associate at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) in Women’s and Gender Studies and as an avid Theatre for Social Change and Engagement practicioner in order to weave a social consciousness and activist spirit into our everyday existence. Amanda has collaborated with local community partners such as Palmetto Kids, EME Apartments of Conway, the Boys & Girls Club of the Grand Strand, Coastal Leadership Academy, HGTC Psychology students, M.A.T. students at CCU and Project Lighthouse.

Amanda Masterpaul graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies and a B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Directing. Throughout her career, she has worked as a puppeteer, movement coach, director, and facilitator and coordinator for after-school community-based civic learning programs. Her greatest influence and mentor has been Augusto Boal, the creator of Theatre of the Oppressed. She is currently a Teaching Associate for the Applied Theatre program at CCU which introduces students to the foundations of Theatre for Social Change, creating and establishing a working knowledge of Theatre of the Oppressed. In addition, she conceives and directs the original Haven Live Theatrical programming for the CINO Tie program at CCU, where she conducts 10+ live performances for all incoming freshman and transfer students during the first week of classes. During that week, she facilitates and engages audience members as active participants in critical discussion and investigation of issues such as sexual assault, rape culture, sexual harassment and LGBTQ+ concerns on campus.


Anastasiia Sliusarenko

Anatasiia Sliusarenko was born and raised in the Ukraine. In 2013 she made the life changing decision to move to the United States and has never looked back. Dancing professionally since the young age of 5, she has competed in countless competitions not only in the Ukraine, but also in the international arena, becoming a Champion of more than a dozen competitions. She has choreographed musicals, dance shows and solo performances.

Since she has moved to the USA she has shifted her focus from professional intensive dancing to healing dance therapy using ballroom techniques. She has volunteered in Early College High School, worked with children, and adults and those with mental health challenges. Through dance, she offers people a second chance in life.

Her main message she weaves into the her dance therapy is love, honesty and freedom through movement.